I’m hap­py to announce that my work is appear­ing in Fairy Tales Vol. 3, the pub­lished result of the lat­est in a series of com­pe­ti­tions for archi­tec­tur­al fictions.

My entry, A Case of Parei­do­lia,” plays on the rival­ry between Auburn Uni­ver­si­ty and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Alaba­ma, as con­duct­ed on foot­ball fields and, in a 2001 inci­dent, through the poi­son­ing of Auburn’s land­mark oaks by a Crim­son Tide fan. The main char­ac­ter, a land­scape archi­tect expe­ri­enc­ing severe para­noia, attempts to make sense of the rival­ry through the pat­terns he sees in the land­scapes of the two schools, mak­ing a series of maps, dia­grams, and mon­tages to try to argue his vision to the public.

It’s an hon­or to be includ­ed, and to be able to join in some way the con­ver­sa­tion around design fic­tions, on which more shortly.

(September 2016)