Walking Simulator 2: Still Walking

Over the past few months I’ve been using Pro­cess­ing as a plat­form for exe­cut­ing some of my chance-based land­scape para­me­ters, as sketched out here. I had a vision of an infi­nite­ly exe­cut­ing design using a bare min­i­mum of inputs, that would some­how afford adven­ture despite that bare­ness. Where would it, should it, take place? Some­where where noth­ing bet­ter is already happening.

It was more dif­fi­cult than I would ever have thought to make those paths mean­der, even at right angles. Nev­er mind the rest of it! The results I got are passed back through Illus­tra­tor for a lit­tle light sand­ing and staining.

(December 2019)