Credit In The Straight World

I have a review of Ali­son Isen­berg’s Design­ing San Fran­cis­co in this mon­th’s Land­scape Archi­tec­ture Mag­a­zine. It’s my first work for them and I got unex­pect­ed­ly excit­ed at hav­ing to con­tribute one of those lit­tle blurb-and-head­shot com­bi­na­tions to go at the front of the magazine. 

Before read­ing Isen­berg’s work, I would have been hap­py to attribute the scene below to Lawrence Hal­prin; now, I’m not near­ly so sure. Being sure­ly unsure is pret­ty much what I look for from a book. Even bet­ter, I now know a lot more about a fas­ci­nat­ing net­work of preser­va­tion­ists, mod­el-mak­ers, and prop­er­ty devel­op­ers who cut across the grains of our usu­al pro­fes­sion­al sto­ries. LAM has con­sid­er­ate­ly post­ed the review online here — check it out! 

(November 2018)